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Allows larger groups and companies to provide high-level certification training, with some of the world’s most knowledgeable instructors.

Most comprehensive learning path.
In-person discussion & feedback.
All Round Table PM courses available.

Rapid Project Startups

$2,500.00 per day
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Prioritization Sessions

$2,500.00 per day
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Round Table Project Management brings the concept of King Arthur’s Round Table’ a table that had no head, to modern Project Management.

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About Round Table PM

After years of work, investment, and earning accreditation Round Table PM is an eLearning & training management solution for certification prep. Our platform provides high-demand certifications and the flexibility to learn in three versatile ways: Self-Paced, Online Classroom, and Bootcamp.

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"Bruce is awesome! Love his style, subtle and appropriate sense of humor." Arizona Tire Company



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