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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always been: 

Do the right thing

Do the thing right

We have always been focused on efficiency in running projects and bring that increased efficiency to our clients. That's how we Do the thing right. But we believe in doing so for the right reasons. We want to Do the right thing for the world and choose our clients carefully and make the world a better place. .  

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Improving the Project Management maturity for good companies around the world.

Do the right thing

Do the thing right

Improving the Project Management maturity for good companies around the world.

1. Train the Management team to own the Project Management process and prioritize all projects being run. Resource load those projects in priority order to ensure only the most important projects are being worked on and completed on time. Gain those rewards and invest the profits in the next most important projects.

2. Train the practitioners of Project Management (Project Managers and Team Members) in an efficient way of planning and executing their projects so they can complete projects with less frustration, ahead of schedule and under budget.

3. Develop the Project Management Guide Book in concert with a team of client practitioners and customize it for the way you do business.

4. Train the Managers of Project Managers and Team Members so these people know how to delegate their staff properly to projects, manage the person, not their project, and provide their support to on-going projects.

5. Train Program and Portfolio Managers in specific classes for their needs.

6. Conduct Rapid Project Startups to fast-track important projects and provide in-house PMs with a fully planned project.

7. Host new employees at public sessions to ensure that the methodology is used in an ongoing fashion.

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