The CAPM® training course is designed to ensure that you pass the CAPM® exam on the first try. Our hands-on training approach will help you to understand the workings of the process groups and knowledge areas defined by the PMBoK® Guide Sixth Edition. We guarantee you’ll walk away with all the preparation and confidence you need to conquer the exam and earn the CAPM® certification.

Course Outcomes

After completing the PMP® course, you will:

Acquire the knowledge and skills you need to pass the PMP® certification exam
Earn the required 35 PDUs to take the PMP® certification exam
Develop a practical knowledge of the process groups and knowledge areas in the PMBoK® Guide Sixth Edition
Master the skills to successfully manage, execute, and deliver projects in line with global project management best practices
Key Practices

Features you can expect from this hybrid course:

PMP® Application preparation video
180 days of access to high quality HD e-Learning videos
36 Contact Hours/PDUs
100% Money Back Guarantee (terms and conditions apply)
32 Hours of Instructor-Led Training
29 Chapter Quizzes
46 videos explaining the PMI® processes
6 Simulation exams for when you have four hours to devote to a simulation exam
24 mini-exams for when you only have an hour to devote to a simulation exam
Ask-the-expert feature
500-page color notebook containing all the slides, chapter quizzes and exercises
8-page color glossy study guide to take with you as you practice
Access to printable flash cards and cheat-sheet
Who should take this course? The Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification is an essential professional requirement across all industries for senior project manager roles. This course is best suited for:

Project Managers
Associate/Assistant Project Managers
Team Leads/Team Managers
Project Executives/Project Engineers
Software Developers

There are a lot of companies out there who will be happy to take your money and promise they will help you pass but, after you attend their class, do you ever see them again?

With Round Table PM, we are with you on the entire journey and we will stay with you until you have those letters behind your name.

It starts with access to all the videos and chapter quizzes that walk you through the knowledge you will need to master to pass your exam. Go through all these whenever you get a few free minutes to study.

Need more? Then attend either a face-to-face or virtual class where one of our certified instructors will spend three – five days drilling you on the knowledge. You will be led through discussions, hear real-life stories and case studies and be put in groups to use the tools you just learned about on your real projects. This will help you cement what you are learning from a nebulous concept to a concrete understanding.

Then it’s time to take a practice test. If you attend a class, that is what the last day is all about. You go through the exam on your own, cheating as much as you like but taking note of when you had to cheat so you know to memorize those concepts next time. In the afternoon, your instructor will go through each question, along with the detailed explanations as to WHY PMI thinks that way.

You may find that you scored 80% on that first exam. 10% of our students do. Then go ahead and schedule the real thing. You’ll pass. If you are like the rest of us and need more help, that’s OK. You have six months of access to the videos, chapter quizzes and exercises and five more unique practice exams to take. You will follow this process map in an iterative process that gets you to that 80% passing rate at which you are ready for the real thing.

You receive 500-page, full-color notebook containing all the slides, quizzes and exercises.

You also receive an eight-page, glossy, full-color study guide with all the key knowledge summarized.

We give you access to print out some flash cards for concepts plus the full PMBOK Glossary if you want plus a cheat-sheet with all the processes, inputs, tools & techniques and outputs laid out. There is also an instruction sheet for printing out the flash cards on the right card stock to make it easier for you.

Your instructor is available to you whenever you have questions. We respond within 24 hours via e-mail and often attend student study groups and group chats to answer your questions and explain why PMI thinks the way they do.

We have developed our own unique flow chart that shows you how all the processes flow into each other, where they fit within the process groups and its color-coded by knowledge area. This is your map to the PMBoK and it guides you through each chapter.

Course Curriculum

PMBOK Foundation
CAPM Boot Camp Note Book 00:00:00
Chapter 1
Chapter 1a 00:14:25
Chapter 1b 00:15:37
Chapter 1c 00:22:34
Chapter 01a Quiz 00:10:00
Chapter 01b Quiz 00:10:00
Chapter 01c Quiz 00:10:00
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 00:17:33
Chapter 02a Quiz 00:09:00
Chapter 02b Quiz 00:08:00
Chapter 3
Chapter 3 00:17:46
Chapter 03a Quiz 00:11:00
Chapter 03b Quiz 00:10:00
Chapter 4
Chapter 4 00:17:09
Chapter 04 Quiz 00:12:00
Chapter 5
Chapter 5a 00:14:28
Chapter 5b 00:12:55
Chapter 5c 00:04:31
Chapter 05a Quiz 00:16:00
Chapter 05b Quiz 00:16:00
Chapter 5c Quiz 00:17:00
Chapter 6
Chapter 6a 00:08:16
Chapter 6b 00:10:04
Chapter 6c 00:14:27
Chapter 6d 00:26:48
Chapter 6e 00:11:48
Chapter 06a Quiz 00:28:00
Chapter 06b Quiz 00:30:00
Chapter 06c Quiz 00:27:00
Chapter 06d Quiz 00:28:00
Chapter 7
Chapter 7a 00:06:03
Chapter 7b 00:06:43
Chapter 7c 00:28:27
Chapter 07a Quiz 00:17:00
Chapter 07b Quiz 00:10:00
Chapter 8
Chapter 8a 00:14:10
Chapter 8b 00:26:04
Chapter 8c 00:07:19
Chapter 8a Quiz 00:20:00
Chapter 08b Quiz 00:18:00
Chapter 9
Chapter 9a 00:04:34
Chapter 9b 00:15:22
Chapter 9c 00:02:40
Chapter 9d 00:05:16
Chapter 9e 00:11:42
Chapter 9f 00:13:07
Chapter 9g 00:07:22
Chapter 09a Quiz 00:14:00
Chapter 09b Quiz 00:14:00
Chapter 10
Chapter 10a 00:08:48
Chapter 10b 00:14:49
Chapter 10c 00:05:04
Chapter 10d 00:05:05
Chapter 10 Quiz 00:11:00
Chapter 11
Chapter 11a 00:08:58
Chapter 11b 00:08:28
Chapter 11c 00:06:49
Chapter 11d 00:04:46
Chapter 11e 00:12:19
Chapter 11f 00:11:30
Chapter 11g 00:01:42
Chapter 11h 00:09:01
Chapter 11a Quiz 00:34:00
Chapter 11b Quiz 00:20:00
Chapter 11c Quiz 00:21:00
Chapter 12
Chapter 12a 00:24:28
Chapter 12b 00:05:06
Chapter 12 Quiz 00:29:00
Chapter 13
Chapter 13a 00:05:57
Chapter 13b 00:04:04
Chapter 13 Quiz 00:20:00
Chapter 14
Chapter 14a 00:07:55
Chapter 14b 00:10:52
Chapter 14 Quiz 00:08:00
Chapter 15
Chapter 15 00:10:31
Chapter 15 Quiz 00:13:00
Mini Exams
Mini Exam 1A 01:00:00
Mini Exam 1B 01:00:00
Mini Exam 1C 01:00:00
Mini Exam 1D 01:00:00
Mini Exam 2A 01:00:00
Mini Exam 2B 01:00:00
Mini Exam 2C 01:00:00
Mini Exam 2D 01:00:00
Mini Exam 3A 01:00:00
Mini Exam 3B 01:00:00
Mini Exam 3C 01:00:00
Mini Exam 3D 01:00:00
Mini Exam 4A 01:00:00
Mini Exam 4B 01:00:00
Mini Exam 4C 01:00:00
Mini Exam 4D 01:00:00
Mini Exam 5A 01:00:00
Mini Exam 5B 01:00:00
Mini Exam 5C 01:00:00
Mini Exam 5D 01:00:00
Mini Exam 6A 01:00:00
Mini Exam 6B 01:00:00
Mini Exam 6C 01:00:00
Mini Exam 6D 01:00:00
Exam 1 PMBOK 04:00:00
Exam 2 PMBOK 04:00:00
Exam 3 PMBOK 04:00:00
Exam 4 PMBOK 04:00:00
Exam 5 PMBOK 04:00:00
Exam 6 PMBOK 04:00:00
Scenario Questions Randomized 02:00:00
Flash Cards 00:00:00
Flash Cards PMBoK Glossary 00:00:00
How to Print out your flash cards 00:00:00
Cheat Sheet 00:00:00

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