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Crashing and the law of diminishing returns.

How far can I crash an activity? How does the law of diminishing returns apply to adding resources to speed …Read More

Profile PhotoBruce FieggenDecember 27, 2020

Buffers on Activity Durations

Should your team members tell you the optimistic, pessimistic or most likely duration of their tasks when you are building …Read More

Profile PhotoBruce FieggenDecember 14, 2020

100 Role of the PMO

In a small company where the PMO is absent, what should be the role of the Project Management Office?Read More

Profile PhotoBruce FieggenDecember 6, 2020

99 Example Class

If you are wondering what one of the Cadence classes is like, here is an excerpt from a public class …Read More

Profile PhotoBruce FieggenNovember 30, 2020
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